Why Velocity Group


Why Velocity Group

Your reports are muddy. Too busy. Inconclusive. Contain too many pie charts.

These are some of the more common obstacles and concerns that companies face while developing their reporting suites. Velocity Group specializes in Business Intelligence solutions for companies of all sizes and all industries. From specific KPIs to customized branding, our advanced visualizations are sure to provide a deeper understanding and level of transparency to your business.

Self-Service Analytics

Ideally, your visualizations and dashboards should require no explanation. If you catch yourself walking people through your reports, then it’s time for some redesigning.

Check out the 3 ideas below to help you re-visualize some of your dashboards!

5 Second Rule

The User Has 5 Seconds To Find A Valuable Insight From Your Visual

This is one our biggest tests. If it takes more than 5 seconds for a user to gain an insight, then your message and intent is not clear.

Turning Down The Volume

With Too Much Noise, It Becomes Nearly Impossible To Appreciate The Song

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Visualization platforms are capable of a lot of interesting ideas, but be careful not to get carried away. Like many things – except 80’s hair metal solos – less is more.

So What?

How Can The User Leverage The Visual To Make Better Business Decisions?

Aesthetics play a key role in effective visualizations, but make sure not to lose sight of the bigger picture: what actionable items can be seen with your visualization? If there’s not a clear action associated, the line between dashboard and infographic becomes blurry.

Visualization Types

  • Summaries and Snapshots

    These are the reports that generally drive discussions. They provide higher-level overviews of certain areas of a business - KPIs, trends, percent-to-goals, etc.

  • Research and Details

    These reports provide more granular details around a specific area. For instance, order details by customer, traffic visits by day, sales person details, etc.

  • Impact Analysis

    These reports are home to the 'What-if' scenarios - What would happen if we raised our prices by 7%? Added another server to the cluster? Added another sales rep?

  • Categorical Overview

    These reports provide details about a specific dimension (products, manufacturers, States, etc.) including trends, performance and comparative measurements across many values.

  • Infographic and Entertainment

    These marketing reports are meant for external consumption - mainly fun, entertaining and/or informative in nature. These are often the most aesthetically pleasing visualizations.

  • Mobile/Tablet Specific

    These reports are optimized for quick references (via mobile or tablet) - often displaying less overall data but keeping the critical insights.