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85% of companies are striving to become data-driven, yet only 37% consider themselves successful

Best-in-Class Business Intelligence Solutions

Velocity Group works with companies to develop effective strategies to capitalize on their most precious resource – data. From data architecture to cutting-edge machine learning to stunning visualizations, Velocity Group provides data-driven solutions to ensure your business is taking a proactive approach to their decision-making.

Companies That Trust Our Methods



Visualization & Reporting

Stop Relying on Spreadsheets

Our team of BI developers have designed and deployed reporting suites for many Fortune 500 companies as well as many small businesses. We bridge the gap between technical teams and business units by working with both sides, resulting in a clearer understanding of your business.

Machine Learning

Make Better Decisions

Your data is your most valuable asset. With our algorithm development team and your domain knowledge, we set companies of all sizes up for success while explaining the process along the way. Between supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning, we will set you up for success.

Predictive Analytics

Prepare for Tomorrow Today

Many companies don’t fully understand the trends and cycles of their industries – even their own businesses. In addition to forecasting and regression solutions, we provide an intelligent approach for you to make better decisions for the future vision of your company.


Data Warehousing

A Single Source Of Truth

Many companies use multiple sources for reporting/analytical purposes. We design and implement data warehouses to ensure continuity and performance enhancements throughout your company.

Big Data Implementation

Not All DBs Are Created Equal

For a scalable approach that traditional databases can’t handle, we implement NoSQL and HDFS solutions. This includes streaming systems such as Apache Kafka for leveraging machine learning algorithms in production environments.

Performance Optimization

Slow Databases/Queries Are Costly

Execute a query. Wait 90 seconds. Modify the query. Wait 90 seconds. Poorly designed databases and queries become very costly over time – especially for external facing applications. Our expert DBAs can turn your backend into a well-oiled machine.


Mobile Applications

Android or iOS

Boost your company’s performance by going mobile! Our elite team leverages a wide range of tools to build platforms that accommodate your specific native mobile application needs.


Powerful, Secure, Easily Maintainable

We provide clean, well-structured programming code, use the best development tools, and build high-performance APIs to keep your applications connected.

Corporate Training

Classrooms Engagements Made Fun

Stop using traditional training companies with traditional training methods. We create a fun learning environment to teach cutting edge technologies and practices. Reach out now for a free quote!

The Managing Partners


Tim Lafferty | Director of Analytics

Graduating from Georgia Tech’s Industrial Engineering program with a concentration in statistics, Tim has focused his career on providing solutions for data-driven industries through development, consulting and teaching.


Chris Leiper | Director of Operations

Chris’ enterprise software development management experience has enabled him to fully appreciate the intricacies of the entire development life-cycle process. Chris is a former US Navy pilot who lives in Marietta, GA with his wife and kids.


Bob Wadlington | Director of Development

With over 15 years in the industry, Bob enjoys a technical challenge. He has been developing software since 2001 and loves learning the newest technologies. While he is a full stack developer, his current focus is on front end technologies and data visualization.