Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Pie-Chart Destroyer
Yes, this is exactly what it appears. We ARE the destroyers of pie-charts.

Data Visualization is the drill of visual communication (graphic statistics) which involves the design of the visual representation of data. The major goal behind data visualization is to make the complex data more understandable so that it gets communicated clearly to the target audience with the help of charts, tables, statistical graphs, narratives, infographics etc. Velocity Group can manage everything from data analysis to data visualization and reporting and finally deliver you engagement your business deserves. Our services help you with the following:

  • Trend analysis
  • Sales forecasting
  • Business performance analysis
  • Budgeting and planning
  • KPIs and balanced scorecards to manage operations
  • Real-time analysis and reporting
  • Achieve a better understanding of customers and client’s dynamics including loyalty, buying habits, relationships, etc.
  • Financial, operational, sales and marketing process optimization
  • Financial reporting and consolidations
  • Market research
  • Brand analysis
  • Sales strategy
  • Cost and spend analysis

Dashboard and Scorecard Design


The Dashboard and Scorecard can be used to add to the business intelligence of your company. Velocity Group helps you track the progress of your organization as well as monitor the KPIs with its Dashboard and Scorecard Design service. Dashboards provide a way to track the strategic goals and measure the overall efficiency of the organization. Scorecards, on the other hand, deliver a swift and succinct way to measure KPIs and provide a clear indication of how well your organization is working to achieve its targets.

Why Velocity Group?


We have been become proficient at the craft of Data Visualization for many years. Clients approach us when they find it hard to understand and grasp their own complex data for building an end visualization product that would represent their data accurately to meet the business goals of their organization.

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