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Clients & Partnerships

Why Velocity Group?

  • Our data science & engineering team is made up of many complementary skillsets. We have in-house statisticians, software developers, graphic designers, DBAs, etc.
  • We guide clients through the full-cycle of data science projects - from data cleansing to modeling to testing/training all the way through deployment.
  • We're personable. We recognize that strong relationships are mutually beneficial and we're firm believers in building alliances.

Architecture Services

For companies that collect data but have need help storing and modeling it

For companies that have multiple data sources but are looking for a single source of truth

For companies that have analytical solutions but suffer long loading times

Analytics Services

For companies that want to adopt a proactive data culture and get the most out of their data

For companies that want to leverage their data to analyze what is really happening in their business

For companies that want to extract information from large volumes of unstructured data

Presentation Services

For companies that need reliable & accurate insights

For companies that need to understand their complex data in a simple way

For companies that want to tell a story or raise awareness

Recent Projects

Acquisitions Are Messy

After a large acquisition, a client had multiple (7+) environments that needed to be integrated. We successfully migrated platforms resulting in a single source of truth for all their data needs.

Slow Systems = Low Adoption

An enterprise company was suffering from long load times for their field reports, resulting in poor adoption amongst employees. We redesigned their source data model and developed a scalable solution leading to mass adoption throughout company.

Painting a Picture With Data

Many companies have the domain knowledge within their respective industries, but often find it difficult to translate their data to a meaningful and consumable way. We've helped dozens fo companies better present their data leading to strong communication.

Quantifying Gut Feelings

Many of our clients have a tremendous understanding of their businesses yet most of their decisions are based on 'gut decisions'. We provide solutions that either quantify native knowledge or provide additional critical insights that have gone unnoticed.

Deciphering The Data

A data collection company collected so much data that they had no idea where to begin the analysis process. We provided a custom life-cycle solution that included standardization of the data, exploratory analysis, model tuning and visualizations.

Sample Smarter - Not Harder

A pharmaceutical company wanted to make their product sampling more efficient. We analyzed historical data involving the 4W's (what, who, where and when) and developed machine learning models to optimize how many samples to send which practitioners during certain times of the year.

About Velocity Group

Velocity Group was formed by three brave souls on a mission to eradicate orphaned data and the pie chart menace that has plagued businesses for decades. We believe that data was collected to be a useful productive member of the enterprise, not just forgotten in some dusty server closet covered with electronic spider webs. Structuring, analyzing, and presenting data is crucial for business dominance and we won’t rest until every bit of data fulfills its full potential. Oh… and our office is the the Atlanta suburb of Kennesaw.

The Managing Partners

Tim Lafferty

Graduating from Georgia Tech’s Industrial Engineering program with a concentration in statistics, Tim has focused his career on providing solutions for data-driven industries through development, consulting and teaching.

Chris Leiper

Chris’ enterprise software development management experience has enabled him to fully appreciate the intricacies of the entire development life-cycle process. Chris is a former US Navy pilot who lives in Marietta, GA with his wife and kids.

Bob Wadlington

With over 15 years in the industry, Bob enjoys a technical challenge. He has been developing software since 2001 and loves learning the newest technologies. While he is a full stack developer, his current focus is on front end technologies and data visualization.

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